Delivery terms

Delivery date, terms of delivery and shipping cost

ShippingChic Bathrooms offers FREE delivery for all the products published on our website.
Countries: Republic of Ireland, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, free shipping for all the items.

3.1 Delivery date:

Between 15 or 25 days, we depend on the carrier. The delivery times for all products depend on the product and are stated on our website for each product. Should it not be possible to ad-here to the expected delivery date Chic Bathroom shall inform you hereof and notify you of the new delivery date.

3.2 Delivery of Goods:

The delivery of goods to you is deemed to be a separate contract for services, distinct from your contract to purchase the goods. Delivery may be affected in one or more instalments. If you or whomever you have appointed to receive delivery are not available to receive the delivery on the assigned day and the courier has attempted to make delivery you are now liable for the additional re-delivery charge and goods will not be re-delivered until this fee has been paid.

  • If the courier will not wait for the goods to be checked please sign “UNCHECKED” for your delivery.

  • Please Use Caution when un-wrapping the pallet(s) as items may have become unsteady during transit.

You or whomever you have instructed to receive your delivery must open and check your order for damages prior to signing any paperwork from the courier – in the unlikely event that an item(s) has been damaged note this on the courier’s POD (Proof of Delivery) – ‘DAMAGED’ along with product description. You agree to indemnify us in full for any losses we suffer as a result of your failure to comply.

Claims for damages will not be accepted if this has not been completed.

Do not refuse the delivery unless every item is damaged. If you refuse a delivery with any undamaged items on it you will be charged for the return and the redelivery of those items. For large pallet deliveries please be aware that the costs will be considerably higher than the fee you are charged for delivery.

 The delivery drivers are not insured to take their vehicles on roads other than public highways. If you live in a remote location and your home is not on a public road, e.g. If you live at the end of a farm track, then the driver will deliver the goods to the end of the public road only. You accept this when placing your order and if you refuse the delivery because of the driver being unable to drop at your door then you will be charged the actual delivery costs and collection fees. (This will apply to large or very large item orders arriving on pallets like bathroom suites or shower enclosures. Smaller parcels can be usually delivered on foot by the driver.)

Delivery dates are approximate and no liability whatsoever is accepted in respect of late deliveries.

In the unlikely event that an item has been damaged in transit please contact Chic Bathroom by E-Mail: within 24 Hours of receiving your delivery to ensure that you are provided with the replacement as soon as possible.We will not accept liability for any shortages if they are not reported within this period.